Tuesday, January 24, 2012

There is no grey cloud over your head

The world is not against you and no one is born with a ‘grey cloud’ over his head. The future is not the past. One can easily overcome the ordeals of childhood but the pain and disappointment of the past need not repeat in your future endeavors.  Do not let a self-fulfilling prophecy to work in your life. (If you expect bad results there is a higher likelihood that they happen.) Do not worry about what is happening to you and what has happened so far, but think about what you can make happen. Learn from the past and set new goals (be careful in their choice-you should simply enjoy working for them) and pursue them.  If you try sincerely some of them will yield good results and some others not so good. Have at least a mixed bag.  Make positive incantations involving your body and soul. Make a list of your positive qualities and achievements and post them where you can see them very often.
Start savoring everything good life has to offer. Make enough money for our basic needs: it can be (annually) $40,000 in the US, Rs600,000 in India and so on. More money need not necessarily make you happier. Stay close to your dear ones as relationships with our friends and family has a closer impact on our happiness. Have a job you enjoy doing. Smile more; forgive and forget. Do not torment yourself with grudge or enmity. Have people around you who share your interests. When something goes wrong, try to figure out what went wrong and fix it up; do not indulge in self pity or curse your fate. Try to be healthy through exercise, diet and meditations. Know that every day offers new opportunities to be better than yesterday. Enjoy what you are at this moment. Nothing else matters. These days we are always doing something or the other. The ambitious work harder and longer with fewer breaks. Are you always busy and still achieve nothing? Do you miss those beautiful and joyous moments of life simply because you’re always caught up with one thing or another? Many feel It is good to take a little time off to look into yourself to see what is going on in your life, to think about those hours you are ‘doing’, to examine your work, health, relationships, just to take some time to be with your inner self. Moments of silence could be found anytime during a day to reflect on the good things that happen in life and to feel grateful to nature and the people around.

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