Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Live long and healthy!

Acacia, a mountainous region of Georgia, is famous for longevity. Almost all are centenarians; their average age is 110. This region is  heaven-like for those who live in today’s air, water and sound polluted cities.

 They are active, energetic and hardworking. They respect the old and look forward to becoming ‘seniors’. The ‘acacians’ do not retire. The young work for more than 12-14 hours. Those who have passed 90 work a few hours less. They are always fruitfully engaged. They live in harmony with nature; songs and dances are an integral part of their lives. And they are, at any age,  healthy and happy.   
The place is full of hills, valleys and mountains. There is a lot of scope for physical exertion. It is common for them to walk up to 20 miles a day!  They climb hills, go down the valleys, swim in fresh waters, cultivate vegetables, fruits and engage in animal husbandry. They eat comparatively less and that too fruits, fresh vegetables, milk products and whole grains.  No fast food, no oil, no fried stuff, not much fat, less salt, less sugar and more water.   

They ride horses, swim, walk long distances and sleep well. Even those who have crossed 100 believe that they are still young. The society respects ‘senior citizens’ (above 100). They are still active in the society.Compare this with our stressful, sedentary life-style eating all fast, oily fatty foods! No wonder we become incapacitated earlier and die in youth as diseases overpower our vital organs. 

Shall we infer the secrets of a long, healthy life from the Acacians?  Exert every day (either through exercises or work) , move more, eat less that too fruits, and vegetables like spinach, broccoli, carrots and grains; have an active social life and engage oneself in useful work all the time.      

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  1. The Okinawans too have a long life span. And their lifestyle is similar to the Acacians.