Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Are we blindly believing?

Have you ever thought about why you believe what you do?  Therefore are several reasons for someone to believe in a faith or a in a culture or in a political party. As people feel they cannot explain the existence or origin of say the earth, solar system, the universe and life itself (they are generally in awe of the whole thing), they believe a supernatural being created them. Long time back  we didn't know the cause of a lot of things and that is how deification of natural phenomena took place. . But today we know the cause and the origin of most of them.  But the force of habit still compels us to believe what people have believed for generations. Today, the last few remaining questions seem to be “how did the universe come to be” and “what is the origin of life”. Although there are scientific explanations, people still tend to see the hand of a supernatural power behind the same. Millions of them will be satisfied only with such an explanation.  The universe seems to be too complex, too orderly and too beautiful, to have appeared naturally. The complexity, beauty, and order are just a part of the way energy becomes matter which evolves into the various things we see here. They are not by-products of a conscious design but that is how they got evolved and came to an equilibrium state..  
People have lost the ability to question anything. The force of habit, tradition and the early childhood programming have made us accept whatever we have been made to believe, and follow our cultural traditions including our dress code and food habits. The Americans feel their culture is the best in the world. We feel theirs is not all that good and ours is the best.  As I always say people have their faith,  native tongue  and the culture of their parents, which makes all of them a  matter of chance – if you were born in a Hindu family you would be a Hindu, in a Muslim family a Moslem, in a Christian family a Christian and so on. It was a pure coincidence that you came to believe it but now you feel so sure it is the  “real” one to follow.  
You feel that your faith in something greater than yourself gives your life a meaning.  Life is meaningless, so ephemeral, so pointless and so uncertain; surely, there has to be something more, something more concrete and an afterlife would fill the vacuum.  Many people have felt the presence or the touch of a supernatural being. Feelings, emotions and sensations are subjective. When you or any one for that matter strongly believes in anything such emotional experiences are inevitably produced by the brain. There can even be unusual experiences too which make you believe in something supernatural. We all feel that life in this world is meaningless unless there’s something afterwards. No matter what you do, you die and turn to dust, what difference does it make whatever you do in your present life? So we are compelled to believe that there’s something more.
Mankind wants to believe that there will be the establishment of some kind of an absolute and perfect justice  even if only after death. That way you console yourself that a wrong doer will be punished and good guy rewarded. There is a lot of the sense of community that comes from belonging to a group. Further, a lot of people don’t want the burden and the responsibility of having to think and decide what to do by themselves; they are followers and they just like to follow what has been prescribed by a an all-knowing Being.  

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