Saturday, January 14, 2012

Live great!

Earlier we simply looked for a job to meet our basic needs. Today we need much more: fulfillment, joy, growth and a sense that we live for something worthwhile. We want what we do to create an impact around us.  If we concentrate on the value our work adds and the contribution we make we may feel satisfied. If we try to make a difference in the lives of others we will feel great.
But the tragedy is we just drift, doing our daily chores, going for work, eating, sleeping having perfunctory sex. We are living dead. We do not feel the warmth of living. There is a big difference between drifting like a floating log of wood and living with a purpose. We are oblivious of our capabilities and forget what positive contribution we can make to our dear ones, our neighbors or to the society. Everyone walking on this planet has some special ability hidden within. 
Many of us do not attempt to bring it forth. As Ruskin has put it, ‘the weakest among us has a gift, however seemingly trivial, which is peculiar to him and which if worthily used will also be a gift to his race.” You have to identify this special gift. You have to know what you really love from an early age. Pursue the subject you enjoy, do what your mind likes. The tragedy starts when you do not follow these rules. Unhappiness results if you are engaged in something or live with someone you dislike. Or still, when you idle away your time doing nothing meaningful.To feel really worthy be in an environment you love doing what you enjoy. Be healthy and vibrant:  exercise, eat your cherished foods (in small quantities), hear select songs and do not miss a chance to walk in the woods by the side of gurgling streams.   Spending time alone in natural surroundings will mute your inner confusions and liberate your mind to see your special roles down these trodden ways. Converse with the universal intelligence and seek guidance. Read books of great minds and reflect on the eternal truths contained therein. Indulge in your special pleasures-whatever they are -without a prick of conscience. There is no sin in the world other than hurting a fellow traveller.                                                                                                                                         

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