Monday, January 2, 2012

Is there a short-cut to success?

Is there a short cut to achieve an aim or a target without much sweat or years of toil?
We have all heard about the rags to riches stories. We also know that people like Lincoln rose to greatness from the lowliest levels by hard work and persistence against all odds. 
Thinkers like Napoleon Hill advocate thoughts are things. Many after him have tried to prove that anything you find down here begins as thoughts. Your future is what you think about today. But if thoughts are things, there must be millions of things created for each one of us each month as an equal number of thoughts pass our minds. Obviously, all our thoughts do not transform themselves into reality. Hence they say only persistent and strong thoughts turn real. We all know it is not easy to maintain intense thoughts which border on faith for long periods of time and work for them. We are ordinary people and our myriad thoughts remain just thoughts. 
Don’t give up that quick. Is there an easy way out? Can we get whatever we want without sweating much or making our thoughts intense over long periods of time? Try this out. Keep the thought of whatever you want for more than half the time you are awake for just three years. No need to make it intense, no need to try and try until they become real. Just make sure 35,000 thoughts are on what you desire (there are around 70,000 thoughts that pass our minds a day) for 3 years. You might  get what you want. It.has been tried out by me and some others who attend my seminars. Well, is it possible to count our thoughts? No. Let it be the predominant thought when we are awake. Or let our minds have the desire every minute of the time for just 3 years. 
 Your practical goal is just 3 years away!  The only requirement: streamline your thoughts. Simply keep the thoughts on what you want. But if some 'alien' thoughts flood your mind even for a day we may have to start all over again. Focus on just one thing, one goal and get it in 3 years.. How does this work? Your super-power brain will make you work for it continuously from the start and attracts forces, circumstances and people that will materialize your desire. Why not you try it out? Good luck! 

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