Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Training mind to key in success

What determines the success of whatever we undertake is the internal communication that keeps going in our minds with or without our conscious involvement. If we keep repeating to ourselves something like this: “I have not been set right from the beginning.” (When there is a failure) “There is no use trying.  This is all in my stars. I have no time for anything. There is always more than what I can cope up with.” It is not because we set in a wrong way that we do not achieve. It is this thinking that makes things wrong. Whatever we think continuously turn into reality. Thoughts have energy of their own. Bad thoughts produce bad energy, and consequently, bad forces, bad effort and bad associations. No wonder bad things result. But when we keep positive thoughts, they come into our lives too. Success in love, relationship, profession is all greatly influenced by the way we keep thinking.
 Mind and body are totally inter-connected. If you are sad your body assumes a posture suitable for sadness: looks down, drops shoulders, comes to a ‘closed’ position, breathes shallow and you talk desperate or sad things to yourself.  If you are happy or confident, you draw your shoulders, sit, and stand or walk upright in an open position, look straight and tell yourself good, confident or encouraging words. To be effective in life, we need to be in a‘peak state body physiology.’ If you are in your negative posture most of the time, you will feel drained with no energy left to dream or work for your goals
Even the images we keep in our minds-past or present -are important too. We have the option to enlarge all the good stuff –every success, achieving any goal, confident situations and whenever we felt courageous or happy. Let these images fill our minds. Brighten up these experiences, hear whatever sounds we heard, see all that we saw then more vividly and feel whatever we felt during those ‘good’ moments. Let our minds be filled with these positive experiences. Let us also make an inventory of our assets. Just start writing right now the good qualities you possess.  It could be:  your intelligence, memory, hard working nature, ambition, and ability to make friends, reading or learning habit, good physique, height, or anything you consider good. How many of them can you note down now? Let the list be a little exhaustive. Keep the file open for a few days and ask those who know you well to help you too. Once the list is comprehensive, go through them everyday once may be just before sleeping or just after waking up in the morning.  We have to learn to ignore our negatives. You may quickly run through your mind to be aware of them. There must have been a lot of unpleasant experiences in your life just like in anybody else’s. We have to learn to throw them away from our minds. Experiences stay put or opt to leave depending on how we entertain them. If we accentuate them they get impressed and they refuse to leave; if we fade them into insignificance they simply disappear. If you recall something in color, make it black and white and fade it further into a defused sate.  Lower the pitch of the sounds you hear let them echo from afar. Make the whole experience small, smaller. If it was the size of a football earlier bring it down to the size of a cricket ball and still smaller may to the size of a pin head. Then you throw it out of your mind. Now it has very little impact on you. The faint defused echoes of something will altogether disappear. Your mind is free of its clutches. Fill the space thus created with a positive experience and later with another. Let your mind be filled with such powerful experiences a enabling you to become more confident.    

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