Wednesday, January 4, 2012

If you believe in longevity, will you die in an accident?

If you fully believe you will have a long and healthy life, can an accident or natural calamity defeat it?
In all probability, no. Your brain, the subconscious part of it, which is in absolute harmony with the Universal Intelligence, will honor your beliefs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              But how?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Will you escape an earth-quake that hits your area?  Certainly, if your belief in longevity is strong enough. Your subconscious mind which is, as already mentioned, in communion with the universal mind, will protect you. It will be seeking ways to save you. Being warned of the impending danger, It would ask you beforehand to go to another place on business or on a sightseeing trip or on some other pretext. If a quake happens in the night it would awake you up early enough and command you to go out and take shelter. At the worst, you would be among the survivors.
Will you die in a plane crash?
I think it is absolutely improbable. You will not be able to avert the crash. The forces involved –gravity of the earth and the weight of the aircraft—are too big for your thought energy to stop or control. But your subconscious mind which is in ‘tune’ with the Universal Mind would have asked you not to book a seat in the doomed aircraft.  You would go earlier or later. If you happened to be in it by some unknown reason (very improbable) there would be little chance for your survival. If the engine failed in midair gravity would certainly pull it down.  When that happens everyone dies. But if there is a survivor it would be you!

If you desire and expect health and longevity with all your mind and with all your heart there is almost no chance of running into an accident or succumbing to a disease. It will make you more cautious in everything. You will take precautions in driving.  You will not drive after drinking and you will be very careful in night driving and overtaking. Under no circumstance would you drive drunk or without adequate sleep. You will control your speed so that there is no chance for a major accident. You would be more alert about your safety in everything even without your knowledge. The subconscious becomes ever vigilant and makes you precautious all the time. Accidents simply do not happen. .
When you walk or jog, you would take extra precautions too.  You will walk away from the carriageway so that no running vehicle can brace you. Your eyes and ears would be always alert to ensure your safety.                                                                      
Those who think and worry about illnesses only get sick.  With your belief, your subconscious mind creates an invisible ring of protection around you all the time. Those who pursue big goals have no time to be worried about sickness and they are generally healthier. You will not be even led to situations where you will be infected with the HIV, Hepatitis B or any such deadly virus. There comes a guardian angel sort of thing around you all the time.  

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