Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Develop a better personality

I have always been attentive even to the small aspects that would improve my lifestyle and personal well-being.  How can we boost our personality to create an exceedingly amazing life? Here I mention some of the fundamental aspects that might trigger your inner self and drive you forward. The first and foremost thing is to decide  the purpose of your life.  It may be difficult to figure out but without knowing what you want to achieve you in life you cannot direct your inner resources or chanelize your energies.  If you know what is it that you want you can focus on things you are passionate about, on those things you love to do. 

The second most important aspect is your attitude. Do you feel you have been born with a grey cloud? Do you think you will have failures all the time? Do you think you are not good and very inadequate to succeed in anything? Nobody is perfect although there are some who are blessed with better endowments than you. Well, you cannot do anything about it and there are many who are much more unfortunate that you are. Bring your mind to believe that whatever you dream and believe you can get.You unfurl your life and your mental expectations become true. Then read on those guys who were much worse than you are and learn how they overcame their seemingly insurmountable difficulties and succeeded. There is a very simple truth: if you want something and you go after it until you get, it is sure you will be successful. You need to believe you are good and you deserve more; otherwise you cannot succeed. You can then try these simple tips. Do at least one little help a day to someone without expecting anything in return. Do what you are supposed to do, today itself. Dress and groom always smart and try to be in a peak state body physiology (stand /sit erect with shoulders drawn, looking straight; walk/move briskly); do not idle away time. Have a goal and go after it every second of your time making your dear ones happy. These steps would make you love yourself more and become more confident. Exercise, to keep your body and brain fit and eat less. I would mention one more small point: cultivate a network of friends everywhere. 

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  1. his life story is amazing
    these tips have to be a self help book to improve the self esteem of people who feel powerless.

    please write a book you have many good things to teach!
    u is an example of life was a warrior and won,
    Congratulations you are a winner.!