Saturday, January 14, 2012

Do you postpone work?

Lazy people only think of doing things tomorrow or the day after. Problems and tasks are simpler or easier if you tackle them right now. Putting them off often ends up in you never doing it.   Some of us wait and wait until the entire things have just disappeared. If you find somebody who brags about what he is going to do tomorrow, probably, he did the same thing yesterday too. He will only brag and never do anything substantial.
There is a saying, ‘Tomorrow is the only day in the year that appeals to the lazy man.’ 
Why do you put off things?   
Because the work is unpleasant or difficult or still you do not know how to do it? If the reason  does not fall in one of these, you do so as you are lethargic or simply lazy. If the task is difficult break it down into smaller elements so that each one does not look formidable.Generate adequate interest to get the work done at any cost. If you have too much to do, prioritize the whole thing. Do the most urgent ones first and so on; if there are still tasks to be completed assign them as the first priority of tomorrow.
 If you have the habit of postponing, it will erode your self esteem and confidence. Whatever is to be finished today has to be finished today itself.  If you procrastinate for tomorrow, you will postpone it for the day after and then for the next day. The task will remain unfinished. If procrastination becomes a habit you are in a dangerous web of never accomplishing anything.  
A common complaint for postponing is lack of time. This is only an excuse, a lame one at that. Because you have solid 24 hours each day like Mother Teresa, Leonardo Da Vinci, Abraham Lincoln, Michael Angelo or Gandhi. They accomplished so much and we are postponing our daily chores!
There is another beautiful principle. Time expands or contracts with work. If you have more work at hand, you finish each one faster. If there is very little to do you tend to take more time to finish a job requiring much less time. It is all in your hand. If you want to complete the entire work it can be finished on time.
If someone says, ‘I do not have much time,’  it only means he does not have much interest in that work. If one has genuine interest you will find time somehow. It is always lack of enthusiasm or direction and not lack of time.    

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