Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Life just begins now

Your life begins right now. The past is over and done with. The future stretches out ahead of you in myriad forms. You take flight now and soar up in the horizon with your dreams acting as a beacon to guide you.
This should be your intense desire. Every day you repeat this: “My life begins today. I have lived -- years but I feel I am starting my life right now like a kid. I do feel that my real life lies ahead with a bright future where I will conquer new territories and achieve new goals. Physically and mentally I feel afresh, anew, just about to begin my new life. The past is a flicker and what is going to unfold is a full life. Everything lies ahead; everything just begins."             
We all know that every present moment is always new. The new is constantly shedding the old.  Life works through this process. A spring that stops replenishing its new waters soon turns dank and sour. If anything in life fails to shed the old, it quickly stagnates. Every one of us must aspire for a new life. I am not mentioning the natural life process mentioned above. I talk about a new life that just begins like that of a teenager.   
 The real danger lies when you feel life is getting over, that the good old days have passed by. It is when you feel you are now past your prime and that what lies ahead is the slanting rays and long shadows.         
Have you lost the curiosity and the agility of a child? Is your mind dull and the body heavy? Have your joints become stiff, your muscles tight and your mind set in a rut? If they have come to this stage, you can undo or refresh it. Yu can again become like a teen. You can have the mind of a child.  

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