Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Be youthful always and live more!

Genes do influence ageing. There may be a clockwork mechanism that make us age. But with a proper life-styles, one can increase his life-span by up to 30 years!

All our limbs and organs can function well up to 120 years! It is our mental outlook which invites ageing. Decaying is a universal phenomenon. But our mind can control the decay of our body tissues. It is not fully true that old age leads us to death. Death is brought about by diseases like BP, cancer, heart attack, TB, Pneumonia, AIDS, accidents, illnesses and in rare cases by old age.  The thought that one will have to be senile and useless in old age is totally unfounded. There are many who enjoy youthfulness in old age with all their organs functioning well up to 110 and more.

It is not necessary that because one is decrepit at 90 another should also be decrepit. If you exercise your body and brain, control food, and live for certain aims, you can be as healthy at 95 as another one is at 60.
Eating less (take food equivalent to 1200 calories a day) can add 50% more of your life span! Studies have conclusively shown that taking a serving or two of broccoli each day, one can add 5 years to his life. Having a pet and spending time with it regularly can give you 3 more years. If you live in rural setting amidst greeneries and with a lot of unpolluted fresh air you will get 7 years more! Having an understanding and loving partner will extend your life by about 5-7 years!

Leaving your memory and brain in a rut (doing routine things which give no challenges)
Make them rusted and the brain  prepares to die earlier. It is a self programming mechanism and if there is no use staying alive it just goes.
If you exercise fully (physically)  and throwing new challenges to brain (it can be doing  puzzles, going to new places, studying a new language, doing your daily chores with the less proficient hand, writing memoirs, recalling names of people you met, doing memory games) it will function like a youth’s brain.  

This is applicable to all our muscles and organs. Keep them exercised and let them be fit. Nobody can stop the chronological ageing but your mind will behave like that of an youngster if you exercise your body and brain, move more, control your food and have something to live for.    

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