Friday, May 4, 2012

Attract your love

Who has not desired a person from the opposite sex whom he/she felt strongly attracted to? Usually we would keep up the image for a while and conveniently forget the whole thing as time elapsed. Even when you felt madly in love, if things did not work out as you desired, you would still carry on your life but with  a scar in your mind.  Well, is there a way to realize such a dream?

There lived a poor sculptor who was enthralled at the angelic beauty of a princess who had come to see his work. His creations were so perfect that the princess was thrilled and she came over and over.  He obviously admired her; she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. They exchanged pleasantries, smiled, and felt the positive vibes between them. He was getting infatuated with her although she did not feel the same way for him; she was only attracted to his work. In a few months he reached a firm but dangerous decision. In an audience with the King (arranged with her help) he introduced himself and mustered enough courage to tell the king about her visits to his place and how she liked his sculptures. He mentioned too the princess  liked them very much and that he assumed she had soft feelings for  him. He could not go any further; it was clear he wanted to speak out something important. With the prodding of the King, he muttered, “Can you let the princess marry me?” The king’s face became red with anger: “Escape from this kingdom if you want to be alive,” he thundered. The sculptor retreated and moved to a distant land. He started making wonderful statues of the princess. Even the subtle shades of her complexion and the symmetry of her senses and limbs were perfectly sculpted. His mind, every cell of his body and brain pulsated with the desire of possessing her. Before long the princess left the palace and came to live with him.

His intense desire, round the clock thoughts and visualizations, became a reality.  
Coherent thoughts and pulsating vibrations that permeate every cell over long periods of time manifest the object. To create a reality, live in the reality before it is realized.

Through repeated observations from every possible angle, engrave the image (of whatever you want) solidly into your neurons. Keep an enlarged picture in your bedroom and another one where you spend your day. Let a smaller one be in your wallet. Whenever you see it feel relaxed and happy as he/she is already yours and spend a few moments with your love relaxed and in absolute bliss. Allow your mental energies to work for you to materialize what you intensely desire. Do not force anything. Let tour mind simply indulge in the desired thing. Whatever is indelibly engraved in the subconscious mind will manifest itself. And the route to it is through your conscious mind and thoughts are the carriers. If you visualize in your alpha state (I have already explained how to reach the alpha level in another blog: ‘Get anything through Alpha meditation’ 22 April 2012. If you can indulge in such cohesive, intensified dream just before sleeping and immediately after rising up too every day, for a few minutes, the manifestation will be quicker. This is the  conscious or unconscious way adopted by successful people to acquire a beautiful home, car or anything precious in life.   

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