Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Bible of success

 We often think that an enormously successful person has a special gift.  It is nothing like that. He/she took massive action in a particular way which we can do too. People who have excelled have followed a streamlined, consistent path towards success.
These are perhaps the steps in that process:
Know precisely what you want. Without a target you cannot hit it. A vague idea will not help. Define what you want in the clearest terms. Then you cultivate a passion to get it.  The successful ones are always driven by an obsessive purpose that drives them forward.
Fix a time limit for getting it. This will help you focus your mental energies towards the goal.  
Decide on what you will give in return for getting it. There is no principle called something for nothing.
Develop a strategy, a plan to get where you want to. Streamline your energies so that you are aligned mentally and physically towards the goal.  
Connect with people at all levels. Build friendships, form lasting bonds with others and this will come handy as you move forward. All successful people have the extraordinary ability to connect with others.
Start believing you will get what you want. Belief makes all the difference. People who succeed believe they will and those who fail either doubt or believe they will not succeed.  Remember if you believe you can and if you believe you cannot you are right either way. ‘Our beliefs about what we are and what we can be precisely determines what we will be.’ Antony Robbins.  
Start taking massive and congruent action. Monitor the result of what you do and change the course of action in the aligned paths until you are getting what you want. Passion and belief propels one to success.  A set of values, a moral compass, should guide you in every action you take.
 Communicate positively to yourselves. Negative self talk will ruin everything.  How we take our experiences is crucial and use them to leverage ourselves. What will we do when everything we attempt turn out wrong? People who succeed have perhaps more problems than we do. It is not what happens to us that determine success but how we perceive them and what we do to make a difference. Keep refusing to accept but the best and you will very often get it. 

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