Thursday, May 3, 2012

Will you succeed? Answer one question

There are many tests in the net to find out whether you will succeed or not. I have given one in a previous blog of mine too. They are all elaborate and cumbersome. Here is a plain simple one that will enable you to know instantly whether you will win or not.

How do you spend your free time (before and after regular work hours and on holidays)? Tick the correct answer (the most generally applicable one) after reading the questionnaire once.

1. I spend most of the free time at home or elsewhere (Watching TV/movies, drinking or with friends)
2. I spend all of it with my family and kids
3. I learn the subjects for the university course undertaken maintaining my present job
4. Working after hours in the office and during most of the other free time, I try to think/know more about my job, related innovative technologies, market, and future direction from the net or from other sources.
5. I spend most of it for taking a new diploma or learning a new skill and improving my knowledge base so as to improve my career or profession
6. Spend some of it for entertainment, some of it with family, some of it for pleasant reading and watching TV
7. Works on a second job to save more each month. (Every month I do save a good % of my income). 
8. I do not know how time flies. I have a feeling that I have no spare time
9. I am always hard pressed for time. My work is never finished
10. Sleeps, hears music, reads favorite books and watches favorite programs

If you have ticked 3/4/5/7 (any one) you are bound to go up and if two of them are applicable simultaneously, your success is almost certain.  You need to have adequate sleep and spend some time with family. But the rest of the free time should be invested for your future. As Dhirubhai, the founder of Reliance  (pictured above) said, '60 minutes of an hour,  24 hours of a day, 7 days of a week, and 12 months of an year I had Reliance in my mind.'  


  1. Not the model of a man i would want to follow for anything in the world. IF you want to do anything in the modern times, it is best to try to create the greatest joy for the greatest number of people- not just how to create a giant company, which can employ countless money-driven weasels.

    Up and down are very relative things- what is up socially may not be UP spiritually, aesthetically, spiritually or personally. So who goes up or down is not a universal attribute but HOW you perceive up and down.

  2. Reliance n Tata equally employs more people than any other company.Their staff includes from peon to directors.With out these companies India wouldn't even be a developed countries.if your ambition is to start social entrepreneurship that also needs funds from people which will be mostly contributed by employees of the companies like above.