Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Be precise, convinced and get result

To be a successful manager or a successful person you need to have a precise way of communication. Most successful people have a knack to get to the heart of information and pass it over to others fast.
Another related measure of success is how accurately and precisely our words say what we want. If the listener gets something else than intended, the result would not be the desired thing. Accurate language can direct people to produce intended results and a vague or confusing one lead them astray. Let your words be precise, to the point and sharp in oral or written communication.  If they do not produce the result, remember, you have not, in effect, communicated at all.
When you want to ask or tell something, make sure, you do so specifically.  You answer these questions before you prepare the same: when, where, what, how, of what quality, how much, with whom. If you want a loan you will probably get it if you know how, whom to and when to ask. Make sure you tell or ask the right person at the right time. If you are asking, he should have the resources, the knowledge and experience. Suppose you have failed in a number of things and if you go to seek advice from a guy who has his share of failures too, you may be wasting time. You should be able to figure out how the guy who succeeded did so.

Perhaps we all are not careful to adding value to the person we are asking or telling. Nobody will give you anything or hear you just like that. You have to give something in return. Think about how you can add value to him. If you want a favor see that your cause is appealing to his mind.  Suppose you approach someone with a ticket for a movie show arranged, mention that the profit from the sale will be used for charitable causes.
If you speak, ask or tell be convinced of what you say.  Otherwise how can you convince others? Your body language should speak aloud your deep-rooted convection.  And please do not stop with communicating. Go after it until you get the desired result. Without persistent follow up to produce the result communication will have no meaning.      

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