Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Quality of your life is the quality of your movements

Researcher, Moshe Feldenkrais has shown that if your body is working at peak levels your brain will work more effectively as well .By changing the way you move you can change the way of your self-image. How do you improve your physiology? Study a person who has succeeded or is powerful. . How does he sit, stand, and move? What are some of his key facial expressions and gestures? Mirror his body-state and make similar facial expressions. Mirror the way he holds his head, arms and hands, and his movements. You will feel the same way he does.  When you model his specific physiologies, you tap into the same resourceful part of the brain. Even reading a book by a great man like Lincoln or Gandhi can put you in a state similar to theirs. To get the inner power of someone successful, model and duplicate their physiology, expressions and voice patterns. If you start speaking like a powerful guy, you can feel and get some power into your words.
Norman Cousins describes how he laughed his way to health from a debilitating illness in his book, ‘Anatomy of an illness’. He spent a good deal of his time immersed in films, TV programs and books which made him laugh. Continuous laughter changed his body state which sent pleasant messages to the brain and nervous system. Laughing and smiling set off a biological process which make us feel good. Facial expressions do change feelings. If you laugh at suffering, you don’t feel suffering inside.
Physiology and thoughts are linked. Change one and instantly the other changes. You see the world quite differently when you have rested or is confident than when you are sick, tired, have pain somewhere  or goes through a failure.  When your body-state brightens up your mind echoes it. When it is weak and tired your mind reflects the same too. You can change your mental set-up by changing your physiology and vice versa.     
A depressed guy walks with his eyes down, dropping his shoulders, taking shallow breaths and telling all negatives to himself internally. Without this sort of a body physiology one cannot be depressed at all. You can easily come to a confident state by changing your physiology: stand up tall and erect, throw your shoulders back, breathe deeply, look up and immediately you feel confident. . One can become diffident or confident at will through the control of one’ s physiology. All human behavior is the result of the sate we are in. When we feel strong and resourceful we will attempt anything. When we feel weak, sad or tired we shrink from trying.  Bring yourself to a confident physiological state before attempting something difficult, or meeting a person you have taken a fancy to, or your tough boss. If you feel you are very much tired, short of breath and panting, stand upright and direct your breathing normally and feel the relief in seconds.

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