Saturday, May 12, 2012

Let even your eyes smile

Long back, Bing Crosby made the song, ‘you don’t need to know the language to say that you’re in love.’ Language is not needed too to convey the message that you like or dislike, hate or envy someone. Your body language and voice patterns will signal whether you enjoy your job or is bored with it. You can easily read the minds of your family members, colleagues or even strangers through observation. Remember we communicated non-verbally for millions of years.
Your enthusiasm or aversion is mirrored in every action of yours. . When you meet someone, show warmth, smile genuinely (let even your eyes smile), and energize your handshake saying ‘I am glad to know you’ or ‘I am happy to see you again.’ Nobody likes an artificial, dull smile and a lifeless handshake. Check whether your ‘good morning’ ‘thank you’ ‘congratulations’ are all  really good and enthusiastic. People love the guy who has life in whatever he says and does.  
Have good news for those whom you meet and to yourself. You can start your day saying, ‘I feel great today’  No one ever  wins by broadcasting bad news. If you harp on your problems you will be less in demand and if you think more about them than good things  you will feel bad. Say good things that happened today to your family and let unpleasant ones stay buried. Complaining about things- let it be whether or anything else- makes your life miserable.
Say often , ‘I feel great’ instead of ‘I feel awful’ and experience the difference. When you say and think ‘I feel great’ often enough you come to feel great and others can experience your ‘greatness.’ Nobody likes to get along with 'complainers' and ‘dead’ people.  Broadcast good feelings to others and self and experience you becoming good in a very short while.   

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