Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Double your income in 3 years!

If you think ‘Yes , I can do that,’ your mind will start propping in all the positive qualities you have to enable you to accomplish the task. If, on the other hand you say, ‘No, I can’t,’ your mind brings in all the reasons why you cannot. And you will be convinced in either case. Is it not better to be reinforced why you will succeed than knowing all the reasons why you will not?. If the signal is positive your positive mind steps forward to take command with all positive reinforcements and if negative your negative mind takes command of the situation. As David  J Schwartz  mentions ‘both of these are intensely obedient; all you need do to signal either of them is to give the slightest mental beck and call.’ You can think yourself into success or fall into the nether pits of failure.

Suppose you say, ‘I want to double my income in three years.’ This signals the positive side into action and it starts all the reasons why you can. It shows your love for work; your willingness to go the extra mile and do more than you are paid for. It shows how smart and capable you are, your inner potentialities and your good nature to help others and learn more on the job. It arrays all your past successes and demonstrates how you have achieved goals. In a few minutes your mind is filled with confidence and you feel you have already achieved double pay. You will immediately start looking for a job that pays you more and promises good increment so that you get what you want in just 3 years. Turn down a job that does not pay you enough.Aim at a job abroad or in a Multi National Corporation. (You need to brace yourself up to their expectations.)  Or, you will look for a second job (there are plenty of them at the moment) to increase your income. I have seen that the pay of sincere employees going the extra mile doubling in three years or less. Remember your decision to double your income is more important than anything else.

If you say, ‘I am not all that capable or ambitious and big things are not meant for me; it is all written on one’s forehead,’  the negative side of your mind snaps to attention and it prepares a brilliant case to prove you are right. It will parade before your mind all the defeats you faced since your childhood and all the bad experiences you encountered. It projects instances where you got bad results although you longed for good ones and show you all your inadequacies and negative sides. And you feel convinced your decision is right.
The choice is yours. You can command the positive or the negative side. The additional work you do when you chase a goal is more enjoyable and rewarding than the idleness and inactivity in maintaining the status quo.    

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