Thursday, May 24, 2012

"When did you feel totally loved?"

There are so many out there who do not know how to make their loved one in a state of total bliss. They try to show their affection by telling them they love them deeply.  But the partner is not impressed at all. Others try expensive presents. They do not work either.   Many of you would be holding or touching in your own way but still the result may not be all that encouraging.
Before you want to make your wife or husband happy you should know their love-strategy. You can start asking  him/her:                                                                                                                                                                                          ‘Can you recall a time when you felt totally loved? What made you feel loved?’ "Telling you something? What words have moved you greatly?’ ‘Touching you in a particular way? Can you recall how you were  touched?’ ‘Taking you out to places? Which places you liked best?’ "Buying you something (recall the things you loved getting)?  ‘Looking at you in a particular way?’
 ‘Could it be that you felt totally loved when someone said something, touched you or looked at you  in a special way?’  Let the person demonstrate how he/she should be touched, looked at and mention the words to be accompanied.  You replicate exactly what is conveyed  to put your partner into that joyous state experienced before. 

People can generally be classified as auditory, visual or kinesthetic. The predominantly (all the three can be present in each one in various degrees) auditory persons love to hear nice words more than receiving presents or touching. The visually oriented onese may prefer presents and expensive things and may not be moved by words like “I love you and you know that,” stuff. Those who are kinesthetic are moved easily by emotions and they love being touched in a special way and shown deep appreciation.  We should use the appropriate strategy to take our loved one to that ecstatic state so that the relationship becomes one of bliss and happiness.  

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  1. perhaps,this can be a solution to may problems especially in family life. A good piece, sir... chandrababu