Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Family, Successful Work

Many HR Managers have started interviewing family members before appointing a key executive.. A prospective high achiever will have his family behind him. His family may not object to frequent travels or irregular hours 9especially if he is in the sales line). A supportive family will help tide over the inevitable rough spots. It is commonly known that what happens between 6pm and 6am influences a person’s performance between 9am and 6pm. A person with an understanding, loving, comfortable family life nearly always outperforms one with a dreary, dull family life.   
Outperformers’ weekends are planned to have enough fun and relaxation. They visit selected friends or scenic spots, welcome special acquaintances, go out for a movie, have some light reading, listen to music and spend quality time with one’s partner and children. The planned activities refresh and erase off the boredom crept in from a long work-week and the executive becomes refreshed and charged up again.
The unsuccessful ones’ weekends are marked with boredom.   They have nothing planned and mostly spend their time at home with the usual chores and the whole family is at each other’s nerves. There is a sense of unhappiness with traces of tension which erupts up into occasional discordances. This leaves him/her psychologically starved and in the long run this will adversely affect  performance.
Planning a weekend is very crucial. Decide the agenda. Have a 2- day- tour or visit a distant relative or friend, go for a new movie, have lunch in new restaurant, have a family game, make special food , have  some personal time..
When I used to work in Zimbabwe, I was amazed at the way people enjoy their weekends. The local population would buy cartons of beer, drink, dance and make themselves merry. The Europeans and Asians start in their caravans with all provisions and the whole family tucked in. A few friends would be accompanying in their vehicles. They all chose a spot, go sightseeing, short trekking, have games, eat the meals brought or cook something with locally collected firewood, play cards, have games and frolic. On Monday everyone is as fresh as one can be (with some hangover) and off you go for work. 

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