Saturday, May 19, 2012

Failure breeds failure: defeat the vicious cycle

Suppose you have a belief that you are incapable. As you believe in your inability, you are not going to use your inherent abilities to the full in the given task. You have already asked your brain to expect failure. You will take minimal action just to show that you have tried, that too half heartedly without employing your real potential.  The result (failure) is a foregone conclusion and it reinforces your failure-belief system further. No wonder, failure breeds failure. Those who have met with failures for some time will not believe they can produce success and more failures result. 

If you believe you will succeed, you get excited and energized; you will try to use your potential to the best and the outcome will be positive.  Each new success generates more belief and breeds more success. But positive beliefs may not guarantee success all the time. Those who succeed in life do face failures. But the empowering belief system makes one more resilient to face a failure with his resources and defeat it every time to ensure his eventual success. Lincoln who had to face a chain of failures, is a classic example of how positive beliefs enables one to bounce back each time he falls and succeed eventually. Any good political leader will have has this nature.

How can you change your belief system? Do one thing you thought not possible for you. Bring one success and it will make you review your belief system. Say your relationship with your wife is not all that good. You are often screaming at each other and life has turned out to be a hell. Your belief that you cannot have a good relationship is getting reinforced each day and you expect the worst. All that you require is to somehow snap this vicious cycle. You decide you will figure out a way. Resolve not to find fault with anything she does for say, one week and appreciate a good deed.  In a day or two there will be positive vibes in the family. The yells and screams will get replaced with smiles and nice words. By the end of the week your relationship would have improved, and you would experience a new bliss you have never thought previously possible before. These positive empowering experiences will change your former negative belief system and you can build on it with fresh positive results and proceed to have a fruitful and happy life.       

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