Monday, May 7, 2012

With love towards all and malice towards none.

Turn the clock of earth-time a little backward say, a hundred thousand years-if we take the entire time of earth as one day, this would be about just 2 seconds before midnight) to see our common ancestors trying hard to keep erect and walk down the tress. They probably inhabited some parts of the African jungles and slowly spread out to other areas. Those who eventually reached cooler climes became fairer and more enterprising in a few millenniums. Those who remained under the scorching heat turned darker. Geography and climate shaped man, his nature and thinking. Men who settled in difficult or barren terrains with little natural resource, or where he had to face the wrath of nature evolved sturdier.  The nearby seas and navigable rivers did the rest for man’s advancement. And those who happened to be in relatively inaccessible areas or those with plenty of rain in warmer climes and abundant natural food evolved lethargic and non-enterprising.

The geography and climate determined the progress of man, different ideas of gods, religious practices, language and culture. While the fiery prophets of mountain gods in the nomadic and difficult terrains threatened punishment, the indolent ones of the comfortable zones were less demanding. Nature itself became the god-head in many cultures and some ascetics admonished there was no god at all.  Differences in color, religion, culture and language are all nature-induced; we are all the same all the time.
Which monstrous maestro instilled the discordant notes? The self-same sap flows down our sinuous streams. Like a blossom which spreads its fragrance all around, let us radiate goodwill and love to all with malice to none. Let us spend the little time down here as a traveler enjoying the sojourn amid the scenic spots extending a helping hand to the one in distress or agony and not hurting anyone in word deed or thought. Our existence becomes meaningful only when we recognize our fellow travelers’ right to do so.          

Let us set aside the mountains of prejudice sprinkled with a powdering of hatred towards others who have a different shade of skin, who believe in a different god or who have a different culture and language. Let us love all instead, and share whatever we have; essentially we are all the same.  

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