Monday, May 7, 2012

Mind cures or make us sick

Hospital records all over the world show that those who visit hospitals (as out- patients) continue to do so on a regular pattern. Those who do not come for treatment, almost never do. A patient, if operated once, Stands a bigger chance to get operated again. Remember, metal expectations come to pass. If you believe you will be healthy all the time, you will be. Those who think they will die at the same age their grandfather or aunt died will probably die at that age itself. Those who say ‘ oh, my days are over’, their days are literally over. If anyone feels ‘everything is over in my life’ (as in the case of those who retire and do nothing later), death will come very fast. Your belief and thoughts are more important than anything else.   

Modern medicine is slowly accepting the reality of mind over matter. Recognizing the power of mind to influence the functioning of the human body is a fundamental step in the long journey to health. Thoughts can cure you or make you sick. Belief is the essential requisite in any treatment. Your disease symptoms disappear only when you have faith in the physician who administers the medication. If the doctor you believe fully, gives you simple sugar tablets for the relief of your pain, it will subside. Similar capsules if administered to cancer patients can even remove cancer symptoms. It is the mind which affects the cure and not the drug.   Belief is the essential requisite in any treatment. The doctor you believe in can cure you, but the same medicine from another doctor whom you do not know may not cure you. Those who believe they will be healthy and live long do become healthy and they generally live longer.
Those who worry about diseases all the time are almost always sick.

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