Friday, May 18, 2012

Turn into a resourceful state to win

The real difference between those who fail and those who win lies is in their states. Those who succeed put themselves almost always in a supportive state and those who fail in a failure state.  As behaviour is the result of the sate we are in, it thus becomes essential that we create an appropriate state always. Our thoughts, self talk, the images we keep (internal representations) and physiology create the states we are in. How you behave to your wife who comes very late will depend on how you ‘pictured’ what she did during the time. If you thought she could be involved in an accident, you would welcome her with affection. But if you pictured her being unfaithful to you, your behavior would be one of anger, frustration or revenge.
An event is perceived as per your personality (a sum total of your experiences so far). We do not know how things truly are but how we represent them to ourselves.  We need to make them empowering and not weakening ones. We need to store more empowering representations to create confident states. Why not  focus on all the things that will work instead of concentrating on what will not? Whatever be the situation, you can see good things in it as successful people do.  

If you feel that is not going to work, be sure it won’t. If you feel it can work it will. We all have our own way of seeing things around. It will all depend on our map or the sum total of our experiences. If you have been focusing on all the bad things so far, you will see the chances of failures or problems in anything you attempt and you come into a state that supports failure. You have to practice representing things in a better way as our behavior depends on how we perceive things.

Every day you can tell yourself ‘today is the day.’ At the end of the day tell ‘tomorrow is the day.’  When you say these try to be in an expectant and happy state of mind. Whatever you feel and believe puts you in a state to translate it into reality. You can also try to be in a positive body physiology all the time: sit, stand, walk erect holding your head up, practice drawing back your shoulders and breathing deeply and dressing smartly.  Make it a practice to go through the confident and successful experiences you have had.  These will induce a highly resourceful state making you feel everything is good and anything is possible.    

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