Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How to overcome depression or sadness?

If you are depressed you will stand or sit in a very weak state: Looking down, drawing in your shoulders and sometimes muttering negative things to yourself internally.  You will not feel like attempting something challenging or trying for a new job or business. You will not even feel the courage to meet your boss or a person you have developed a fancy to. If you are in such state more of the time you are awake, you are certainly going to end up as a failure. It is possible you become eventually so depressed that you feel like ending your life.  Is there a way to stop such depressing experiences and take control of your mind?

Even those who experience the above may have had a good share of happy experiences too. But they ignore them or see them far away from their minds instead of seeing them close by.  They do not see what they saw (in their  happy or confident experiences) brightly; they do not hear what they neared loudly and experience intensely the feeling they had during the experience. Those who push their happy experiences far away from their minds feel they happened long back. Try this out: see everything you saw enlarged and bright, hear what you heard louder and clear and bring the experience close to your mental eyes, right into the very centre of you mind.

Push off the bad experiences or events far away from your mind after making what you had seen darker and smaller, what you had heard low and hardly audible and after ignoring what you had felt. The moment you make the whole experience small, say the size of a pin head, and push them away they become powerless and look like they happened long back and incapable of affecting you anymore.  

Those who are depressed or sad normally have their minds filled with the intense, big, bright and sad experiences and failures. Those who are confident and happy do the opposite; they fill their minds with pleasant, confident, loving, happy events and experiences of their lives and push away the unhappy ones.   Let us Keep the good experiences close to our mind bright, loud, and intense and push away the bad ones. A salesman who has nine failures and one win can feel happy and confident by filling his mind with the details of that winning experience and pushing far away all the failures after making them small and blurred.   Along with that if you are in your peak state body physiology (standing/sitting walking erect, holding your head up, drawing your shoulders and breathing full deep and slow) you cannot feel depressed or sad.      

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