Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tips to develop self esteem

Without self-esteem one will not even  attempt to succeed. There is no magic to overcome low self-esteem. But there are certain steps which might help to develop it. 
1.“Do it now” is an old principle.  Do not postpone things; finish today’s work today itself. If there is a lot of things to do, make a priority list and do the most urgent ones today and the rest the next day.   
2.  Save and invest wisely a portion of what you earn regularly.Savings give a feeling of confidence. On the other hand, if you have to borrow from someone, it will erode your self-esteem.
3. Do a small help a day to a stranger without expecting anything in return. It can be helping a blind cross the road, giving a little money to someone you do not know, consoling an aggrieved friend,  removing a thistle or a boulder from the road (so that someone will not be hurt) or helping  a stranger who is in real trouble.
 4. Do not  lie intentionally nor spread rumours.
5. Do not entertain guilt.  We have all done a number of wrong things in the past when we were young or immature. There could be many reasons; many of them were well beyond our control, there could have been adverse home and environmental influences too. There is no point in crying over what has already happened. Forget the past. Learn lessons from them and move on. But do not repeat the same mistakes. There is no need to feel guilty about anything. The only sin in the world is harming or paining another person.
6. Always be smartly dressed and groomed.  Go in for dresses which  suite your complexion and appearance. There is no point in going after fashion or what others like. Take care of personal hygiene and let everything you put on be well-thought about and chosen consciously. 
7. Try to do more than you are paid for. “Go the extra mile.” Your extra work will never go waste. The Universe will reward you a hundredfold. And it will boost your self-esteem hundredfold too. Slowly you will start feeling you are a good person.
8. Utilize your free time constructively or to invest in yourself.
9.  Keep your strengths always highlighted in your mind and downplay weakness. Make a list of all your good points and go through it often. 
10. Become fit and healthy. Your weight should be ideal or as per your Body Mass Index. Eat less, exercise well, and keep yourself fit. A clumsy person cannot feel confident easily.
11. Kep a confident posture all the time: sit, stand, and walk erect. Let your movements be brisk. Wrong body postures and lethargic movements will make your mind  lethargic too.
12. Try to make a small successes each day. It can be a:dvancing towards your goal by a small fraction, taking a positive step towards self confidence or updating yourself in your chosen field.  Even a decision to use your free time purposefully is a ‘win’
13.  Expect setbacks all the time. Remember, without fighting adversities or failures no one has gone up.
14. Try to keep your dear ones always happy. Spend quality time with your family and kids. Sacrifice something to make them happier.
15. Prefer positive minded friends and avoid negative or pessimistic ones. Friends can make or break you.
16. Keep your focus on your goals. Let them guide you like the North Star.  Do have a moral code to guide your day-today actions. 

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