Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dance of birth and death

 The ongoing drama of life on this planet springs from the energy contained in the solar rays. Earth -which supports life- revolves around its parent body, the sun, so as to be in equilibrium. Life germinated here millions of years back and it has evolved to the present higher stages.  The smiles of birth, blues of death, fragrant breeze, passion’s bliss, blossoming blooms, sturdy steps and steep falls, all alternate in the ongoing burlesque. Thunder storms, quakes, pestilences, accidents, horrendous plaques, famine, floods and diseases take away his breath unabated. The baptism of new born, marriages and the tolling church bells signal this transient play.

A supernova will toll the death of the sun. The gas clouds released may coalesce and form another heavenly object which may circle the galactic nucleus. But the death of the new birth is certain too. The solar explosion will declare the death of earth. A death-pal would have already fallen on the ongoing transient play of life on the erath.  

The twinkling stars and galaxies move towards their programmed end. The expanding universe may retrace its steps and fall back with the pull of gravity to a tiny but immensely dense point. When the density tends towards infinity, there may be a Big Bang again. Just like the last Big Bang produced the clusters of galaxies, stars, their attendant planets and life, the new Big Bang will hurtle immense gas clouds and  another ‘universe will be getting birth. There can be sun-like stars and earth like planets and man like beings –all awaiting their entry and exit.  All march in unison to each one’s programmed death and birth. Big bangs and big crunches pulsate in eternity with the lullaby of time. Matter and energy alternate in their destiny.

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