Thursday, May 17, 2012

A key to achieve excellence

As we all share the same neurology-brain and nervous system-if anyone can do anything in the world, you can do it too. If something is possible for others it is possible for you too. The only requirement (not an easy one) is that you have to run your nervous system exactly the same way as the one who succeeded.  We should know how he produced the result. Anything any human being does can be modelled. We should know how the person through years of trial and error has come to use his body and mind and know the patterns of action that produced the result.
Any human excellence can be duplicated in a very short time. If anyone is producing a result you desire, start learning how he or she is using his or her body and neurology to produce the result. You can learn to seize the excellence and make it your own. Building from the successes of others is much easier than trying to figure it out all by you through years of toil.

If you want to become rich, wealthy or famous find a model who has already excelled in the area.. The first step is to track down all the clues from the model by thorough observation and by asking a lot of questions. Find out what he did when he produced the great result. Know the person’s belief system. What he thinks is possible or impossible. Make your beliefs the same. Know how he/she organizes thoughts.  The syntax or a particular order he follows in any of his thought process or communication is to be understood and followed.    
Adopt his physiology; adopt the way he breathes and holds his body, his postures, facial expressions, dressing and grooming. Adopt also his voice patterns, (the speed, pitch, tone and volume of his voice)   
Study the proven ways in which he succeeded and duplicate it. Read everything you can to read about him,  study his  beliefs and model their strategies.  Be in the neurophysiological state the model is before he accomplishes anything great. He could not have been in a confusing, fearful or sad state. He must have felt confident, strong and certain. Understanding the state and duplicating it is the key to achieve excellence. 

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