Saturday, May 26, 2012

Know what you want to succeed

 In a study conducted in the Yale University in the 1950s, they asked the graduating students if they had a goal written down with a specific plan to achieve the same. Only 3 percent had such written goals. In the seventies the researchers interviewed the surviving members of the group. To their astonishment, the three percent with written goals were then worth more (in financial terms) than the entire other 97 percent combined! It was also found that these 3 percent people were happier enjoying more peace of mind and joy in comparison to the others.

Those who did not have specific goals before their minds must have had been in a fog of confusion. They went one way and then tried another and later a third and so on. They took up a job and then retreated and went for a totally different one. They were not focused.  They dissipated their energy here and there without steadily climbing up in any profession or job.

Only when the mind has a defined target it can focus and direct all its energies until the intended goal is reached. Without a defined goal its resources are dissipated and squandered.  A key part of this is to know what you want in life, what you want in 5 years or ten years from now. This is a must to enable your mind to move you in a particular direction.  The chances that you win or lose in life very much depend upon your ability to decide what you want and imprint the same in your conscious and subconscious  minds. Spend an hour or so now to make a map of the road you want to travel in your life. Decide what you want in crystal clear terms and figure out how you will get them-now.    

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