Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Blind Beliefs

Scientific theories are far more easy and simple to understand than religious beliefs. People have to ‘believe’ the latter as there is no evidence of truth. They accept the story of creation even though there is irrefutable proof against it. Believers have no qualm to believe in a ‘causeless cause’ (god) and reject the self-propelled evolution of energy, the universe and life.

Sin originated from the crime of the first parents as they failed in the ‘great test’ ordered by god after putting them in paradise. Why did god send a test in the first place? He knew they would fail; still he had the test and man invariably failed. Did He want to roast man and all his descendents in hell? Monstrous indeed! How can the descendants be responsible for the sins of their forefathers? How can a sensible person –leave alone god-- punish the sons and daughters for a crime that they did not do? Can even a monster sentence generation after generation into eternal hell for the sins of their forefathers who lived millenniums before? Further, how can anyone- let alone a loving god- give everlasting punishment for a momentary sin committed in this temporal life?  

During the middle ages the Church hanged scholars like William Tyndale for translating the bible and scientists like Bruno and Galileo were persecuted for exposing the truth and not accepting foolishness in the name of god. Those who opposed geocentric theory advocated by god through his church, were put to death as heretics by throwing them into the dens of lions, or burning them in boiling oil.  

If man is created to earn reword or punishment through free will, what is the purpose in crating the millions of children who die before reaching the age of five? Why does He send down the mad, the imbeciles, the mentally retarded who cannot use their free will? They cannot even fend for themselves; others have to feed, clothe and protect them! If god loves man so much, why is he in abject poverty, diseases, plaques, pain, natural disasters and be conquered by horrendous viruses? Man has been in pain ever since his appearance here and poverty, diseases, suffering, hunger and death have awaited him always. Things have changed a little now, with the emergence of science and medicine. But then it is man’s own efforts and god gets no credit.

Followers believe that through the crucifixion of a person ordered by the then Roman Governor under immense pressure from the Jewish elite, mankind was redeemed from their sins and the doors of heaven were opened for the first time! How can a punishment by a government become the atonement for the sins of mankind? As there are many earth-like planets in the universe, the ‘son of god’ must be busy going from planet to planet dying and rising to save the beings there.
These sorts of beliefs appear to be silly, and man-made. A thorough brain washing would be a pre-requisite to believe them. ‘Don’t worry about the here and now, but prepare for the afterlife,’ through this central message the clergy have been able to keep the flock in fear and extract gifts and donations to enrich themselves and live comfortably undisturbed.  

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