Friday, May 11, 2012

Will mother approve it?

Here are some ways to guide you in anything you do so that they help you go up.
One simple rule is to check whether your mother would be proud of what you are going to do now. If the answer is yes go ahead and do it. If not desist from it.
Or, you can ask yourself:  'would this action advance me in some way towards my eventual goal or advance my life in general or still add value to me in the market place?'
Before you start dressing up ask yourself: ' would a successful person approve of the way I dress and groom ? 
When there is a persistent worry ask whether a successful person would be disturbed like this? 90% of the things we worry never happen and the rest will happen whether we worry or not.
Manage your thinking;  go first class. The body is what the body is fed; the mind is what the mind is fed. The quality of your thinking determines your life and how you evolve. Think high, dream high and remember you will never go beyond what you think about.
Don’t let negative thinkers pull you down. People who are failures only will discourage you, they only will find out why your project will not work. Seeking advice from a failure is like seeking a cure for AIDS from quacks. Those who are successful will say positives and encourage you. Keep off the negative thinkers.
Make it a rule to seek advice from those who know. And the really top ones are willing to counsel you if you ask for guidance.
Do you indulge in gossip and do you spread false things about others? Gossiping will pull you down and deflate your self confidence.  

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