Sunday, May 27, 2012

You can never go beyond your thoughts

Hence you think high. Do not put any limit on what you want to become. This does not mean you need to aim at something irrational or impractical. But if you decide just to make both ends meet and go on  just like that till you die, there is no worse crime.  When you think higher, you go higher. When you visualize higher things you get them.  There is no need to put any limitation on your thinking, on what is possible. There are no limits to the outcomes possible for you. Small goals bring small results; great goals bring great rewards.

Remember before something happens in your real world it should have had happened in your mind.  When you are clear about what you want in life, your mind and body  get programmed to go after and get them. To go beyond your present modest state your minds should experience the higher state now. Then you will create in the real world what you have created inside.

Make a list of your fondest dreams and go through them a number of times. Fix a period for the realization of each one of them.  Pick out the most important goals for this year and run through your abilities (energy level, education, finance, ability to focus and so on—make a detailed inventory) which will enable you to get them realized.  Fill your mind of those experiences wherein these strengths of you were used to the best. Then you analyze what prevents you from getting the things you so badly need. Are you lazy and try to remain in your comfort zone? Do you fail to plan and work the plan?  Do you try so many things that our energy gets dissipated?

Remember everything begins with your thinking. Think like a king. Nobody can stop you from doing so. Action usually comes from your thoughts. Make a step by step plan and start action right away.       

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  1. Just wonderful description understandable and pursueable by any individual who can think rightly. regards